This work explores how can we relate with arts and enjoy at their house in this difficult time. This photo book named ‘Photo gallery at home’. I assumed that my house is photo gallery and I considered to display some pictures at my house. These photography are inspired by nature which is surrounding my house. These are reflects my imaginative personality and hometown where surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sea. During the lock down, we lost opportunity to look and touch artwork at the gallery whenever you want. It makes us feel angry, stressful, tired and lonely. So, I decided to create something similar as physical gallery and I made a photo book for people who staying at home. Moreover, I want to make them feel like they are visiting physical photo gallery thorough my artwork. By using colourless and coloured transparent sheets, I represents the emotion of anxiety, foggy, sad, hopeless, happy, calm due to Covid-19. In this photo book, I adopts flowers as a symbol of strength and hope and I offering this book to readers as the emotional support during this pandemic.

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