I had two completely opposite experiences which lead to my contradictory personality. Though my friends like me, they often want to beat me to death because of my contradictions. Rational thinking helps me to live with the pain and to feel happiness. Although I am not a philosopher, I am often told that I like to see the world from a philosophical perspective. I used to be a crybaby. I hated my weak self and kept telling myself not to cry over falsehoods and lies. The rumors flying around during the epidemic have made many people cry. Tears are the carrier of our memory. the truth is rarely pure and never simple. The smaller the thing is, the clearer and more complete it will be. The bigger the thing is, the blurrier and more incomplete it will be. The pieces of mirror mean some people may not see the whole truth, but cry with others. They just blindly follow the trend and let the rumors fly.

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