This work is “Kris Wu” online concert visual design. In this project, I made the concert posters and peripheral products such as tote bags and masks were included. During the epidemic, people are forced to isolate themselves at home as the new normal. But somebody gathered without the masks and not keeping the social distance, so the idea originated from wanting people to add some fun to resolve the boring life of isolation and warn people to follow the epidemic prevention rules. Inspired by the "Mayday" live concert, finally it is presented to you in the present state. The title of the online concert is “zero”, it has three meanings. The first meaning is because of the “zero” audience of online concerts, the second is the “zero” distance between Kris and fans, and the last one is also the most important reason is that it is hoped that the number of infections will return to "zero" as soon as possible. The combination of photos and graffiti is used visually, which makes people think deeply. For example, in the poster, the man in the space suit is regarded as an alien by the people on the street, but he is the only one who can protect the attack of the virus. This reminds people not worry about other people's opinions, and protecting themselves from the virus is more important than anything else. As the slogan says: don’t be afraid to make a difference. what you have to do is protect yourselves.


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