What do people do in isolation at home during the pandemic? What dominates life? I founded that during the pandemic in the context of China, the number of people watching short video apps increased rapidly due to the boredom of people at home. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that this new normal has greatly promoted the development of China's short video industry, which is also known as the "boredom economyā€¯. During the epidemic period, the platforms used people's "boring time" and "relieving boredom psychology" into economic benefits. Meanwhile, A lot of people are addicted to it, their lives were also fragmented by this business model. I made a book about the impact of this new normal on Chinese people. Finally, this is a very incomplete work. I'm so sorry that the commercialization of boredom has not been shown in this book, and the relationship between the pandemic and the new normal has not been well designed by me.

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