The title of my project is “Mr.Fish’s outpatient case.” There are some changes in our daily lives after the epidemic, which caused a profound reaction. After Covid-19, normal social distancing may face challenges; some seemingly normal behaviors may be considered "abnormal." Therefore, to allow an individual to redefine the "distance" from others and re-examine public social norms, I did this project. And I thought of another angle to express my concept, which is as a "doctor" to advise "patients" on re-examining social norms. I designed an outpatient case about Mr. Fish and used photography to express my concept. Why a fish also has an outpatient case? Because before the epidemic, many Chinese like to eat seafood. However, COVID-19 has a special relationship with the seafood market. Some Chinese exaggeratedly think that seafood is the negative thing that is the virus's carrier. So, I use fish to symbolize people who from the main disaster areas. I then bought some materials such as background cloth, microscopic photography props, and fishes to make the shooting scene according to some changes during the epidemic. And after taking photos, I used the concept of Glitch Art to retouch, hoping to express a feeling of illusion and hurt. I did such a project because I want to express complex and serious social issues in a interesting way.

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