My concept for this new normal project is about how virus change our life. I was used the artwork I did before the virus compared with the artwork what I did now. This project inspired by what changed around this year such as environment and people’s emotions. The keywords for this project are build and block. According this, I heated the reflective plastic and let the model hold it on her hand to let the reflective plastic look like a window, let people feel she would like to go outside but she cannot. Furthermore, I paint some drawings on the stocking, to show all people need to wear mask, when they walk on the street. I researched the Indian fashion artist called Manish Arord and followed his style and tried to draw in the stocking. When I first drew within it, I put a stocking on water it cannot show the line clearly, therefore I find other ways to do it, I mixed water colour and acrylic, and the line looked clear. If I have a change to do it again, I will find more different materials and try which are the best. And I maybe will not use the stocking again, I will draw in the mask directly, I think that will more attract people compared with the mask. In this project, I learned solve problems by myself and make things related a concept by myself.



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