The project is called 20 Seconds. It is based on my feelings and emotions towards this new normal period and poster design was chosen to reflect my anxiety about health and hygiene in the face of the epidemic. Taking anxiety as the starting point, I have largely integrated my own emotions into my design and created a series of posters to convey my emotions and explore my perceptions. Anxiety is red; anxiety is green; anxiety is acidic; anxiety is invisible; hand-washing signifies anxiety. In the tense atmosphere, the elements of hand, soap and water have become fantastic and strange. When I look out from the window, I can always see them floating in the air, singing the hand-washing songs, turning into mists that never dissipate. This is because the hand-washing songs on the Internet and the media advocacy constantly echo in my mind. Driven by a sense of the unknown, I started to wash my hands frequently as my anxiety has prompted me to do something that I believed to be useful. During the lockdown, I liked to watch the sky from the window to ease my anxiety. The window has become a channel for me to release and express my emotions. I have combined the window with the soap cloud and blurred it to express a sense of strangeness and vertigo. All of these are conveying my discomfort and anxiety about the future.

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