The process of new normal project has been an important journey for me in which I have developed my ability to think independently. My inspiration came from two pictures I took during the lockdown. In the first photo, there are some mosses growing on rocks without soil. The other one shows us the morning sun after a long period of gloomy weather. I was greatly encouraged by the scene in these photos. So I want to pass on encouragement and hope to everyone through this work called Spring and this is my response to the new normal project. I used the contrast between some delicate and transparent materials and hard materials to express the emotion of confrontation. The materials are left over from the previous project. With hindsight, I need to do more detailed research rather than make judgments based on my own experience. If I had more time, I could have made fewer bubbles in it. Because a large amount of resin is poured at one time, the solidification of resin generates enormous amounts of thermal energy which leads to a large number of bubbles in it and reduces the transparency of the final work.

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