We observe everything we can through our eyes, but some certain moments, our brain doesn't refect the whole essence of things:we only see part of it, our subconscious defines the rest of them. During the epidemic, people feel anxious because we only see the fragment and single information on internet, while ignoring the essence and authenticity back of information. Because I am a person who like to dig into the reasons behind things. So I think we couldn’t only notice the appearance. Therefore, I conducted some research and created the later-stage design from the perspective of illusions resulted from different point of views. In the draping experiment, I got some ideas of segmentation based on the works of the artist Michael Murphy, and the Jastrow illusion is an optical illusion attributed to the Polish-American psychologist Joseph Jastrow. I assembled the suit on another garment according to his segmentation patterns, making it look like a complete suit on one side while detached from other angles. In addition, I found the material called lenticular lens sheet, which may produce different pictures seen with naked eyes from different angles. I made the lenticular lens sheet with the TPU material based on the light khaki and similar suit patterns. Finally, in this way and this work, I reflected the emotions brought to us by the phenomenon of this special era.

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