My project is cover design, called Social Distance. This project was my response to the New Normal Times that we have to live through. I think art comes from life and art is like oxygen to artists, life goes on and art goes on. My inspiration comes from social distance. The conronavirus has increased people's social distance. When we go out, we always subconsciously keep a distance from others, which makes many of us psychologically estranged, which has a great impact on people's psychological state. Reducing social contact, keeping a distance and not being able to gather will generally make people feel insecure in heart. This projects aims to use installation help people reduce the psychological damage due to the COVID-19. While using cover to protagonist the themselves, they can communicate with others with confidence, and also aim to express the hope that all sectors of society can deeply understand and pay attention to the “new normal” after the coronavirus, the psychological impact of the conronavirus on people, and take concrete actions to push the society to overcome the epidemic and restore order more quickly.

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