In my New Normal project, I designed a book named ‘Take temperature’ based on my personal experience. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, I was a ‘hypochondriac’. I found it is a psychological disease which could be cured subjectively and I thought I was cured at that time. However, the appearance of COVID-19 gave birth to my relapse. At the same time, lockdown and the special situation in the hospital made me have no choice but to stay at home. An occasional cough and sneeze might make me more anxious and I wondered if I got COVID-19. In this condition, thermometers have become the only health check that can relieve my anxiety. ‘Taking my temperature crazily’ has become my new normal because the typical symptom of COVID-19 is fever. Therefore, I decided to record this special experience through this book so that when I will “fell ill” again in the future, it might dispel my worries and help other people who have the same experience as me.

L:Back Cover R: Front Cover

4 Separate Booklets

I divided this book into four booklets. When you turn to the cover, you will see these four booklets, which stand for the respective steps of taking temperature.This whole process of reading is similar to taking my temperature.

0: Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol

1: Equipment and Instructions

2: Body Parts

3: Daily Data of Temperature

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