This work aims to allow everyone to explore how to curb the spread of fake news. The inspiration comes from the fact that more fake news is spread during the pandemic than at any time. In this current period, we have heard too many rumors and it seems that we can no longer distinguish the truth. By studying why people pay more attention to negative news than positive news, I found it difficult to use a clear unified standard to help people spot fake news. So I tried to visualize the phenomenon of an infodemic. The visual elements of the work came from newspapers full of news about coronavirus. I cut them into strips of paper and entangled them to create a chaotic appearance, and finally covered the words with sulfuric acid paper to express the ambiguity of information sources. How can we flatten the curve of an infodemic in the face of complicated and vague news? I hope to make people reflect on this issue.



Sulfuric acid paper

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