As a student majoring in textile design, my new normal project presents a new possibility for the future development of the fabric industry. We can change textiles to satisfy people’s needs for clothing diversity without buying new products.The concept is also in line with the future direction of sustainable development in the fashion industry.  The Internet, with its unique characteristics, is not restricted to any specific language, place and time. We can use the Internet to take classes, have meetings, shopping. Could textile printing also be changed without being restricted by time and space through the Internet? I created a series of epidemic diaries comes from the anecdotes and life changes that I experienced via the Internet during the epidemic. After that these posters were combined with my own photos and videos and personal performance to create several dynamic videos. They illustrated my emotional changes from not caring, to panic, and finally adapting. In the end I used these images as dynamic patterns to project onto the clothes. Before deciding how to realize my idea of projecting the movement patterns on the garment I have tried many projection light experiments. Finally, I finished the shooting with a projector and a light-absorbing fabric.

New Normal Textile

It tells an epidemic diary

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