Bio-Waste World explores the relationship between human beings and everyday garbage. It is a commercial project that aims to influence and change the public's cognition and behaviour on waste and environmental issues from the perspective of everyday life products. This project is a sustainability project, which will involve the textile design of home products such as bedding, curtains, table cloths, cushions, aprons in the dining room, etc. During the COVID-19 isolation, Cheng constantly observed life from the details and recorded the changes in life. The increasing amount of garbage in life became the inspiration source for her. More and more designers and artists are paying attention to environmental issues and recycling waste for re-creation. Most of these works will appear in art galleries as works of art and arouse discussion. Cheng, however, believes that if environmental issues are discussed only in art venues, they will not attract sustained public attention and will have to be rapidly shelved as artworks. Thus, the commercial project was born. Cheng started from the abstract printing design, used a healing aesthetic perspective, to integrate public topics into the daily life of the public.

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