My favorite tool is a hot glue gun because my undergraduate major was sculpture , I always like to use clay. The name of my artwork is "Hang in there". I made five hands and used tinfoil to combine them. The meaning I want to express is about cooperation during the lockdown. During the epidemic, people could not meet each other, but they helped each other through the Internet and various other ways. I was also at home alone, I could not see my classmates before graduation, but we often communicated by the Internet video which alleviated a lot of my anxiety. When I moved to the suburbs for college, I found that I often preferred some simple art forms. Then I found a series of paintings comes from Rania Hassan which inspired me a lot. And I decided to use tin foil because I think this kind of material is also fragile which can express that human beings are equally vulnerable. By doing experiments, I find that my ideas are becoming much clearer. This year, I just participated in a sculpture exhibition and l could see many excellent works from students in different art universities. At this moment, l will compare my work with others which pushes me to do better next time. In retrospect, maybe I would improve the form of my artwork next time which represents I will not use clay anymore. Also, I need to do more research on the topic.

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