In this work I tried to explore domestic violence which has become worse during the new normal. I focused on mental suppression as verbal abuse in domestic violence. Through the behaviours and changes of abusers to show the constraint and conflict of victims’ inner feelings. I made a book design here that exposes the potential danger behind superficial happiness and harmony. Unfortunately, I lacked time to complete the contents of this book, but in my concept, I used photographs to record the process of their love. Typically, that they are so sweet in the honeymoon phase, but after they begin living together, the potential violence of the abuser emerges. There are two ways to read this book. When you read it reversely, it is actually the correct order of victims’ love process in real life. You can feel the terrible and subtle violence. If you read it in order, it is on the contrary of the reality which begin with the fearful violence and turn back to their honeymoon phase, end up with the passionate and illusive love.

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