This is a two minute fiction film called ‘Get Out’ using the aquarium videos I shot and some animal news materials. This work is a response to the lockdown situation, inspired by a street artist in the UK, Banksy, whose artwork exaggerates the situation that rats are occupying his house during lockdown. Then, other animals also had similar behavior and got out. This is a reaction against human activities. It connects to the New Normal theme by giving a reflection about the relationship between human and animals. Before the final work was finished, I researched a lot by watching news about animals. As soon as I determined this theme, I could think of the videos that I shot in the aquarium, which were also about animals. Then I searched a lot of news materials online and put them into my film, then combined them using different music. This allowed me to change the atmosphere, which helped communicate about the main theme. As a result, I chose to talk about the theme from the animals’ point of view. More importantly, maybe we are supposed to reduce the disturbance to animals and pay more attention to them.

Get Out

These were challenging times for humanity, while it was a break for many animals on earth.

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