The purpose of this project is to record my daily lives and to collect pictures during the COVID-19 epidemic. I chose to use collage GIF to express my personal emotions and visualize experiences during this extraordinary time in a picture. As far as I am concerned, although time is constantly being lost, reorganizing the visual fragments of the past is definitely a meaningful commemoration of this period. Mask Theme- Yes, covid19 has not been eliminated, but masks can provide us with strong protection. We can change our mood and start again, believing that the worried mood like gray will slowly disappear, and we will soon return to the colorful world from the monochrome life. Stay Home Theme-This work implies that although time, space, and dimensions are different, fantasy can break everything. Although the injunction restricts our bodies, the imagination is not limited by space. Hand-washing Theme- Today's maids may pour hand sanitizer instead of milk. After the hands are cleaned, there is no fear of the virus, and it feels like a kind of freedom and joy to play after taking off the protective gloves.


Play Video with GIF images of three themes

Mask Theme

The mask theme picture interprets the beautiful scenery of the world outside, but there is no time to stop and watch at this moment! Thousands of mask factories are working non-stop.

Stay Home Theme

The stay home theme depicts the contradictory fantasy in my brain during the epidemic. On the sofa at home, fishing for fish in Monet's water lily pond.

Hand-washing Theme

this picture implies that even though hand washing is a very common and common little thing. But during this time, washing hands gave a solemn atmosphere.

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