This project is mainly for me to observe the whole process of experiencing the virus in my hometown from my perspective. The spread of the virus has caused many changes in people's lives in the city,the most common is that people start to wear masks and maintain social distance during this strange time. Most importantly, I found my hometown was just like a glasshouse filled with poisonous gas at that time. Therefore, the main object of this project is a glass jar, and I use sweets to represent people in the city. My work is divided into four parts – Before the Cov-19, Discovered Cov-19, The current situation. So my work seems like a narrative story, and I use symbolic techniques to stimulate this state. Besides, I built the 3D model as well as rendered color and materials for it. This project, for me, it is not only a work of art but also a memory about my hometown during that special period.

Before 2019-nCov

Discover 2019-nCov

During 2019-nCov

Current situation

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