The idea of a doomsday carnival is virtual, romantic and crazy. The killing of discarded animals during an epidemic is doomsday for animals. When the epidemic broke out in China, there were many silly rumours, including that pet dogs could spread the virus. Although some leading experts have refuted the rumours, some pets have not escaped the harmful effects of the rumours. During the epidemic, pets were abandoned and abused in many parts of China, and stray dogs were even killed on a large scale. At first, my mother did not get rid of the rumour, she even wanted to abandon my dog, which made me feel sad at the same time, I had the idea to do something for these innocent lives. However, after the popularity of Italy, balcony music temporarily saved the local people and made them forget the pain caused by the virus. I was deeply impressed by this romantic and warm news. Therefore, I hope music can also cure these pets, so I want to hold a concert for them. In this project, my goal is to call on everyone not only to care about the people around them during the epidemic but also to reflect on human ignorance and madness in the process of getting along with animals. I hope that our attention can be focused on other creatures in nature.

Doomsday Carnival

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