These are two printmaking works called ‘Before’ and ‘After’, using water mark printmaking, and the dimensions are 35 cm x 35cm. These works are inspired by my insomnia treatment. I wanted to create a work about my situation before and after medication for depression, and I wanted the audiences to feel this visually about the psychological changes. It connects to the New Normal theme by invisible emotion change of depression. I engraved over the wood board which I had taken using Chinese pigment print. This allowed me to change the composition and atmosphere. This helped communicate about my daily emotion under the medication and the familiar things I felt every day. I decided to follow my birthplace, China, and use the Chinese word ‘燥’ and ‘静’ as the main figures of my artworks. I tried to use the hidden wood grain combined with the colors and the arrangement of the frame to express the difference between rough and delicate emotions. My work has been particularly informed by Jiang Zhi. I was particularly inspired by his work ‘ Love Letter ’ and ‘ Elegy ’. The meaning of artwork influenced my content.

Before, water mark printmaking, 35 x 35 cm

After, water mark printmaking, 35 x 35 cm

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