This is my collection called “New Time”. Black, purple and blue are type of my collection palette. And I use sheer and flowing fabric to create a feeling of transparent and loose. Then I create big Chinese knots to build special shapes. I drew inspiration from my experience and feelings in this special time. To be more specific, I think it’s a new normal for everyone that temperature plays a crucial role in our daily life, which catches me to use a thermal camera recording what I see in my daily life. Then I took several hundreds of pictures when I jog at the park on the morning. I found I was particularly interested in the elderly style of dressing at the park because they don’t care about what others thinking, they just care about what they like to wear, what they need to wear. This was key in leading me towards the idea of silhouettes, printing, accessories in my collection. Besides, there has another reason why I place a lens on the elder. They are most vulnerable to infection in this outbreaks time, but they still stick to do morning exercise with a positive attitude to face difficulties.

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