Do you feel nervous when you go out with a mask at the end of lock down time? When I went out shopping with a mask, I couldn't see people's faces, only blue masks, as if people had the same face. I was very impressed that one day, I made an appointment with my friend. I stood at the street corner waiting for her, many people passed by me, I saw several people who looked like she, but they were not. At that moment, I wanted to take off the mask, but I couldn't. My project is "under the mask". It is difficult for us to feel the emotions of others through the mask. Maybe she or he is laughing at me, or maybe she or he wants to talk to me, but I cannot truly understand. My photos are about the difference between my friends wearing masks and not wearing masks, and I made a set of posters with friends, family and work. I hope these photos can make us realize that, oh, there's a big difference between wearing a mask and not wearing a mask, maybe we can get rid of the mask as soon as possible.

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