In this project, I draw inspiration from my life after the outbreak of coronavirus and thought about the positive effect of the internet in this special period. During the process, I tried using 3D printing pen and also attempted to put napkins, gauze and special woolen yarn together by weaving. There are two types of samples in this project. One was inspired by one of my paintings. I tried to express the cheerless atmosphere and make a visual connection with medical treatment via colour, materials and texture, and made it look like plaster because it gave me a similar feeling of this stagnant life. Then another one was made by 3D printing pen and I made it with bright colour for showing the active energy brought by internet. Two of these samples are completely different types of visual effect, because I want to express how the internet broke the frozen social life and brought happiness and cheer to individuals in the isolated time.


the impression of the square when everyone tried to stay social distance

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