Everything Online is a 1m18s stop-motion film. The theme of this project is discussing what the Internet has brought to people. We all know that our lifestyle has changed dramatically due to the popularity of the Internet. It can be quoted as a ‘New Normal’. However, excessive and frequent electronic equipment use can also lead to unexpected hazards. So Everything Online means good things can be brought by the Internet, bad things as well. I wanted to present a reflective subject interestingly, and stop-motion films are inherently absurd, which is a great choice. To make it successful, I have learned about techniques of shooting and editing a stop-motion film, such as ‘Posterize time’ and ‘Echo’. The most inspirational film is The story of any lift directed by Jianfang Qu, which established my perception and interest of stop-motion works. Additionally, I was also inspired by two exhibitions in Taipei Biennial 2018. World Processor was created by Ingo Guten. Mycelium Network Society was created by Franz. Savel, Taro, Martin. Hauser, Shirley Jung and Global Network Node. These inspired my later choice of materials in the black hole. This form was very motivating to me and I applied it to my project.

Everything Online

Good things can be brought by the Internet, bad things as well.

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