"No matter what kind of new normal we face, the distance will not stop each other’s footsteps’ As a graphic design creator, the new normal during COVID-19 has inspired me. Especially the various distance limitation rules govern all aspects of each person. Through the concept of distance, I came up with the idea of creating a brand that records a limited distance. There are specific groups of people in each period. I will record and create their memories of the limited distance during the epidemic. Therefore, in the first issue, I designated the design group as international students who had difficulty returning home because of the distance, and used the photos I took during the epidemic, the data collected, and a large number of paintings. Then, using the iconic function of ai, using the two contrasting tones of black and red, and the memorable image of the doctor, I created the brand logo of limited distance, and then through paper experiments, washed with water to make protective clothing. The outer packaging with the same texture, and the use of ID typesetting tools to commemorate the difficult process of overseas students returning to China. I hope that through my brand concept, people will realize that the limitation of distance has a different meaning for each of us. The distance in this special period is not a nightmare but can be recalled later and become an exclusive memory.


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