I made this sculpture at home during the epidemic, I first made a basic shape with wire and then put clay on the wire to make this sculpture. During the outbreak of coronavirus, politicians and the media to promote the establishment of a new world order and welcome the new normal, but I think is not accepted by all the people, the new normal to ignore a lot of facts, ignoring the nearly half of the world is still in the offline state, ignoring the new normal exacerbated the inequality of the society, it is not reasonable. I made this work after research the actions and expressions of many people when they experienced despair, because I want to convey the idea that we should care about some people who cannot accept the new normal in the process of changing to the new normal. Exaggerated movements and expressionless expressions allow people to feel the pain the epidemic has brought to their lives. And it's important to people need to recognize that because even in the new normal everybody in our society needs to have the same order that they had before the new Normal because order is the correct law and the permanent rationality of things, If some people accept the new normal and others do not, the order of our society will become chaotic. In the process of carrying out this project, I also encountered many challenges, for example, the time was too short and the ideas were not perfect. However, it was generally successful because this project expressed the ideas I wanted to express and gave me some new ideas about the new normal. In the future, I hope to find out more problems that people ignore under the new normal model

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