The theme of my project is distance. The new normal has a great impact on people. People have to stay at home. We have to distance ourselves from friends and even strangers. This distance is physical. It's also psychological.These are my sources of inspiration. So I created four illustrations with the theme of distance. I painted on paper with watercolor and scanned it on the computer.Then I use PS software to create collage.And I painted different scenes and characters to represent the theme.This project shows my interest in illustration.I hope through my illustration works. Distance doesn't make people feel lonely. And it doesn't alienate friends.


Because of the new normal, people have to wear masks. Even if you go out, you need to wear a mask. It seems that everything needs a mask. We can't see each other's faces completely because we're wearing masks. People create distance in the invisible. We can't embrace.  [ɪmˈbreɪs]We want to go on an outdoor outing. We look forward to nature because we can't go out for a long time.So I created this illustration. I investigated two artists and chose one of them to study. I painted on paper with watercolor and scanned[skænd] it on the computer.Then I use PS software to create collage. I painted people and animals in the forest. People and animals are playing in the beautiful forest. It's a symbol of people's desire to go out and play. And I've replaced people's masks with glass masks that astronauts [ˈæstrənɔːts]wear. So people can see each other's faces clearly. It reduces the distance caused by the mask. Even animals wear glass masks. In this way, all living things are in a safe environment.


The new normal forced everyone to stay at home. People stay at home alone, lonely and boring. We can't play with our friends as usual. We can't talk face to face. The windows of each house separate us, which makes us distance. We can only stand in front of the window and watch the outside world. So I used photoshop to draw this illustration. And I drew some lovely characters to make this illustration look more interesting. And it also represents the yearning of all things for the outside world. I painted the magician, the teddy bear. I also drew clowns crying to show people's feelings of sadness. Of course, I also drew beautiful things like girls and cats. Because I believe everything will be OK. These represent a bright future. There are also people who are sending flowers to increase interactivity.Windows may also be a good platform for connecting neighbors. In addition, I drew some objects in my life. For example, flowers, socks, balloons to increase the feeling of daily life.


There used to be a lot of people around the fountain in the square. The couple walked around the fountain and chatted. Children can run and play games. Birds flock to the square. At any time, you can see a lot of people by the square fountain. Now it's totally different. The new normal has brought great changes to people's lives. There were only one or two people around the fountain. There is a distance between everyone. Even birds have only one or two. They also create a long distance. I use blue as the theme in this illustration. Because blue will highlight people's loneliness. There are also very few things in the paintings. There is a lot of space in the whole picture. It also highlights the theme of distance.


It was supposed to be a lively birthday party. Now, because the new normal can't have dinner together, people have to celebrate their birthday on their own. This is my inspiration for this illustration. The boy in the picture is eating his own cake. There should have been many friends singing birthday songs for him. But now he's the only one on his birthday. It looks very lonely. Distance makes friends' happiness and laughter disappear. In addition, I drew a lot of flowers in this painting. Make the whole picture look very romantic. Even if friends are not around, there will be flowers to accompany. I hope whenever. People are not alone.

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