Everyone is an important member of society. Everyone has a value and a role in this society, and that's something I've always believed in, and this outbreak has confirmed that. This new normal project gives me the direction of expression. Most people try their best to do their best when the world situation is not optimistic. Whether doctors rescue patients, government officials issuing command policies, or ordinary employees and students, they all unite together in their own ways to resist the destruction of the society caused by the virus. This project called reflection is based on the changes of the surrounding people. Although they are ordinary, they are all worthy of respect, and I want to draw a picture of their small contribution to let more people know. I chose to use illustration for this project because it is a good idea carrier, and because I personally like stories, I added a lot of interesting content to the illustration. In this project, there are reflective materials in every illustration. I use mirrors to reflect the masks and disinfectant water that are essential in people's lives now, use stagnant water to recall the busy crowds in the morning rush hour, and use Windows to compare the busy hospitals and desolate homes. These elements could have been drawn in many illustrations, but that doesn't make the difference as intuitive as connecting them with reflective materials. I do this in the hope that those people will remember the difference between the present and the past without forgetting the past. The series reflection was born.

Self-protection Measures

This illustration is of a woman in a bathroom preparing what she needs during the epidemic before leaving for work in the morning. You can clearly see that most of the painting is warm color, only the mask, hand sanitizer and the faucet are cold color. The reason why I did this is to highlight the importance of these three things by contrast. In order to let you see them in the first place, I also added some flash. Maybe at this point you'll wonder why you should use a mirror to show the a mask, for two reasons. The first reason is to make illustrations with space and stereoscopic, all visual distance between at the same time also can let these items don't stay on the same plane, another reason is the illustration of the technique of expression, three illustrations in the project I is used to reflect the shadow texture.

Change from the Night

This illustration uses the window to separate the hospital and home two places, but also because of the light through the window connecting the two places. There is a patient and a doctor in the left hospital scene. It is sad to stay in the hospital during the epidemic. But the yellow background proves that they got a lot of care and are very warm inside. On the right of the picture is a sleeping person, her quilt has the same yellow light as the hospital, which means she has been concerned about the epidemic and the people in the hospital. In the middle of these two scenes there are pink, blue and purple light, and these three colors are taken from the colored light balls in the bar, and they have a warning effect, which means that if you still go to a place like a bar during the epidemic, you can't go home and just can stay in the hospital.

Keep a Social Distanca

Let's take a look at the illustration. Although there are few people, they all keep a long distance, and there are only private cars on the road. There are two reasons why I chose to paint a rainy day. We can see the water on the road, which only rain can appear, it can reflect everything around, including the shadow of people. So I used it to draw a lot of dense shadows to show the scene of the morning rush hour, and to form a contrast between the past and the present with people walking on the road. Another reason is still the contrast between cool colors and warm colors, and pink also represents the excitement and happiness of those who were together in the past.

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