The original idea for this work was to make the whole face mask, because masks have become an indispensable item for everyone every day, and masks make people safe but also uncomfortable. Making a mask that can protect you but make you uncomfortable has become my goal. A metal hollow mask, with a gas mask and bird cage structure, with chains and spikes, this is what my final artwork looks like. In my opinion, the new normal represents some of the daily things that all humankind in the world experience every day under the influence of this global epidemic, starting with the humble little things, and then further concretizing the abstract elements of my own feelings and emotions. It is important for me to repeat the things that I experience every day, just like wearing a mask or being isolated today is what we experience every day. I want to use this mask to explore the concept of safety distance between people, comfortable safety distance, isolation and protection. In the end, this project may not be perfect for me, but I think the whole process is fairly complete. This is a work that contains my strong personal emotions from research to development. At the same time, he also triggered and exercised my thinking on some social issues and global issues. I think this is a very beneficial experience for a designer or a student.

Rivet Mask



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