This is a visual art of online simulation graduation photos with the theme of "Rebirth" ~ "Graduation" which was produced at the particular period. I was inspired by some graduates who were unable to go to school to take graduation photos during this special period of this year. I know that the best way to record people’s memories is the photo. I want to solve the regrets of those who cannot go to school to take pictures, I’d also like to encourage and warn people so that they can see how the whole people are going through this difficulty. In this project, you will choose the background of your graduation photo and mortarboard hat to produce a rebirth graduation photo of your own. You will see a manual for selecting the background of graduation photos at first. Those are eight different real phenomena that I have selected during the epidemic and I turned them into the illustrations. You will feel how people abandon their filth, improve themselves, and be rebirth during this period. Then you will choose your own mortarboard hat, you will choose a mortarboard hat with the element that you think has protected you during the epidemic, and you will realize how important this element is to you. Finally, this graduation photo is not only to record your rebirth process, but also to record the process of people all over the world resisting this difficulty together.

User manual

Manual for background selection of graduation photos


During the epidemic, there was a negative energy phenomenon. The first is that some people maliciously raised the price of masks for their own interests. Second, there are rumors that garlic can kill the virus, and Bill Gates' vaccine will inject chips into people.The third is that people maliciously raised the price of masks for their own interests. The fourth is that people believe in rumors, such as garlic can eliminate the virus, Bill Gates's vaccine is to inject chips into people.


During the epidemic period, there have been some positive phenomena. The first is that doctors actively rescue patients, the second is to improve themselves, and the third is that the staff use their own ability to prevent and control the epidemic. The fourth is that people unite against difficulties

Sister's Bachelor's cap

protect yourself with dolls during the epidemic

Mother's Bachelor's cap

protect yourself with cleaning tools during the outbreak

Dad's Bachelor's cap

protect yourself with sports equipment during the epidemic

My bachelor's cap

using stationery to protect myself during the epidemic

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