My artwork is a poster about "loneliness". In the poster, I mainly used three colors, dark pink, black and dark blue. This poster uses blue as the theme, and blue represents loneliness. At night, the dark pink light and light blue bring a clear contrast. It feels like the people in the car don't belong to this world, and they don't seem to feel the world around them. During this period, due to the high rate of virus infection, my range of activities was restricted, and the safest way was to stay at home. So I cannot attend all kinds of gatherings and cannot meet friends. I can only chat with friends through social networks, so I feel lonely. I want to express my feelings through my works. In my practice, I compared people’s before and now living state, changes in community access, changes in staff and changes in the streets. In terms of color, I used the colour of cyberpunk and did some color experiments to finally show the current effect. In conclusion,I express my feelings during this period in the form of posters. In this process, I found that colors can express emotions well, and how to express emotions is very challenging. In this artwork, how to develop my inspiration, how to use colors reasonably, and how to compose a picture is very helpful to complete my artwork.


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