In the project "The New Normal", I chose the method of painting to complete my final artwork. My artwork is a combination of different painting methods: oil painting, watercolor painting and Photoshop. In my final work, I wanted a different kind of mask. Instead of creating distance and constraining objects, it represents tenderness and protection. I drew its outline with some soft lines, and in the middle part I painted a pattern in watercolor that referenced a butterfly, which I adjusted in Photoshop to resemble an unopened bud, and I used these elements to show life. In addition to this I have used nudes in the background and foreground to represent the people who have given their lives to the epidemic and I have painted a pair of hands with a red line to show that the protection we receive comes from them. For me, this is not only a work of art, but also in a sense a release of mental stress from the difficult times I faced during the epidemic, an empowering experiment. In the future, I have ideas to continue this project in depth, choosing the right materials to transform it into a piece of jewelry.

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