I made two illustrations to awaken people's awareness of protecting the environment, but I didn't use this method of thinking for others. I just used blanks and gray tones to highlight the contrast. The environment that was constantly destroyed during the trip made me think deeply. When I woke up one day, I thought I couldn't do this anymore, so I started my project. I use computers to draw pictures, because there is no doubt that this is the most environmentally friendly way for me. I don't need to waste a lot of paper and paint. When I was painting, I thought about how to make the scenery so that people could see the protagonists at a glance, so I put them in the center of my sight and emphasized them with bright colors, and this inspiration actually came from my dream. I had a dream. Human beings moved to another planet because of the destruction of the earth, and a long time later, a person returned to Earth with the flower of hope, and the biological cycle began again. My works are between the protection of the environment and the coexistence of human beings with other creatures on the earth. If seen from the paintings, they all have two sides. I want to use this contradiction to express people's complex psychology.

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