I am a textile designer and good at using materials to create my artworks. In my works, I often use innovative materials to challenge the stereotype of textile discipline and explore social and cultural issues by using what I created. I am not confined with materials and have tried a wide range of them. The connotation of different textures and colors of materials can better express my artistic concepts. For example,this artwork came from my collections of the packaging bags that I usually buy,and I cut them into strips, weaving, and fixing them with glue. Because my inspiration comes from special emotional connections and interpersonal relationships in difficult times, which can integrate people into a whole, I extracted emotions, connections, and other keywords to express this concept through material reconstruction. In this challenging time, shopping has become the way of coping with my passive emotions, and weaving them together can be seen as a way of connecting. Also, the red colour of the packaging bags represents anxiety and worrying, and the green colour represents the positive influence of the community destiny as a whole.

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