I used 3D software to reproduce the entire park, and designed a spherical installation art on its central green space. The inspiration for this installation is the sun, because the sun always brings warm light and power, so I hope this work can bring a str ong visual impact to this space. It's not just the performance of the styling, but it really allows people who come here to see it and feel it, just like discovering the warm part in their hearts. I hope this work can restore the past appearance here and a ttract more people to enjoy the urban green space. I chose orange because first of all, orange is the color of the sun. Of course, you can also think of it as the color of oranges. Oranges always bring sweetness and joy. Structurally, I used a lot of cube s to combine, which can not only bring changes to the shape, but also provide good force support. In addition, I think we can consider using different colors of light, such as blue, white and light yellow, to transform into the shape of the moon at night, so as to create a contrast with the sun in the day. Just like day and night, a warm color and a cold color. Or in some celebrations and festivals, a new media art can be realized by projecting different colors or emitting different lights to form patterns and words. In this way, people can have the opportunity to interact with the appearance of the work, thereby increasing the interaction and communication between people and the installation.

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