“Wuhan people” is a series of photographs which using Photoshop synthesis. The dimensions are 100cm × 440cm,the piece is a response to the lockdown situation,this work is inspired by Alfred Walliss’ The benefits of solitude,this is a reaction against social phenomenon. It connects to New Normal theme by making a work about photographs represent the identity of people. The work expressed people are affected by the epidemic, people had strong anxiety and feeling of unease even when they were wearing masks, people became a carrier of the virus unconsciously. As the epidemic initially occurred in Wuhan, people gradually kept their distance from the people of Wuhan, so this work is about "Wuhan people" are synonymous with the new coronavirus. Public opinion is gradually turning to Wuhan people, and any bad things are considered to be done by Wuhan people. This social phenomenon is a stigma to Wuhan people. I used the design software to draw new layers on the photographs I had taken,this allowed me to change the composition and atmosphere, this helped communicate about my daily life under lockdown and the familiar things I saw everyday. I chose to present the work in the form of a book,my work has been particularly informed by typology works, I was inspired by Arie Versluis “Exactitudes”,the use of materials influenced my choice of paper.

"Wuhan people"

Wuhan people, photograph, 100*440

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