First of all, my new Normal project is about the epidemic that affects the whole world. My inspiration came from a piece of news. I saw on the Internet that a doctor was infected with the virus even though he was wearing protective clothing. This news is the source of my inspiration, And I think this news touched me a lot. So I'm going to use this news to create the New Normal project Later, I took inspiration from the doctors' protective clothing to make a finished product, and the final product I was going to make was a garment First of all, from the outbreak occurred to me that the once upon a time in the second world war, also once outbreaks in, so I regard the virus outbreaks and during the second world war, when the medical condition is not rich, but because the virus, claimed the lives of many people, so I found some photos about that time, from their clothes and extract some profile details. By the way, I researched some military uniforms at that time and looked for some inspiration from military uniforms. Then I found another designer, Margiela, in 1998, and this collection is all about turning the stage directly into clothing, putting these unfinished ready-to-wear pieces on the runway These clothes that reveal so much of the original material remind me of the subject matter I chose Because I think, at that time, the medical conditions were not developed, and now the medical conditions have been so advanced, but still a lot of people infected with the virus, and the medical workers are fully prepared, still infected with the virus, so I think under the virus human are small. Therefore, when Making clothes, I choose transparent fabrics, trying my best to restore the feeling of being exposed to the vacuum. My ready-made clothes are detachable My ready-made clothes are detachable I want to express in those lines, line by line, what it feels like to be exposed to a vacuum, to a virus that sticks to a human

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