2020, the most special year, during which I discovered because of the epidemic, people had to keep a safe distance, but they increasingly desired to express communicate and love. This made me felt the helplessness of people longing for intimacy. So, I decided to make jewelry that has a sense of distance but can interact in a visual way. The concept of my design was to allow the wearers to maintain intimate actions they most want to do, and in order to let people's thinking, why always know how to cherish each other at such a critical moment. In the design, I use the most common intimate actions between the three kinds of people to show the mutual relationship. The 50cm between the wearers expresses the concept of distance. In terms of material, I use metallic silver and hollow out to reduce the weight of the metal. My artwork is a set of interactive jewelry, which can only be displayed when two wearers wear it at the same time.

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