This New Normal project is called Sock & Buskin and consisted of two virtual masks. On the Sock are some help-wanted information of patients with Covid-19 and some information which have been deleted by the original authors. On the Buskin are timetables of people in affected areas during the time which I collected from the documentary videos by CCTV. During this period, as an ordinary citizen under quarantine, I’ve learned about the specific situation of the coronavirus and the stories of people in the epicenter of the epidemic through online media and witnessed an avalanche of help-wanted messages and the efforts and sacrifices of health care workers in affected areas. Based on this experience, I want to express my observation and some psychological fluctuations during this period. Meanwhile, it is my technical attempt in modeling direction. I observed many artists during the epidemic, most of whom were forced to create at home and many of them chose modeling. So I used modeling as my interpretation of New Normal in form. Please forgive me for the Chinese version information. To show my reverence for those help seekers (some of them were dead), I did not translate them into English.

Sock & Buskin

New Normal project of UAL 2020 pre-sessional courses.

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