Take the New Normal as the center to look for the right question, l analyzed what has changed and extracted three keywords: personally, less just and localization heals. Then I found that I was particularly interested in how the individuals exist in the new normal. With increasing numbers of people isolated because of quarantine and social distancing, there is a pause that we have to stay at home all day as if trapped in a cage. COVID-19 is not the only public health threat we should be worried about—loneliness is one as well, so l designed the COVID-19 tracker to protect us and our family to keep mentally and physically fit as it records our health indicators and symptoms. Nowadays everyone simply uses social application as a substitute for text messages and mobile phone calls, it lacks entertainment, and the ability to mobilize users actively. Therefore, I hope to make a UI design that allows users to actively socialize like a game. Besides, while monitoring the health of the quarantined, this APP created an online community where people can participate in an online virtual social. In my ideal social state, people communicate when they are having dinner and watching movies together in different time and space without touching. l want to create a platform where everyone can accompany each other to help us optimize our online interactions with loved ones, which is also an excellent suggestion to use warm colors to make the machine less cold and technological.

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