I am Ziwei Liang, my major was jewellery design when I was undergraduate and I will do my MA Fashion Artefact at LCF. In my opinion, contemporary artefacts are not only ingredients of fashion but also ways to express myself. I am always inspired by life experience, such as personal relationships, my own memories , nature and environment. This work is a new normal project for my presessional course. It is called Visible Virus which consists of 10 clay brooches. The inspiration derives from the experiences of lockdown. We felt panic about the epidemic, my works show that we can face our fear in a positive way and we can fight against our enemy more effectively when we can see it. If I could do it again I would like to choose a material with story behind it, because I believe the meaning of materials can be an important part in a creative artwork. Not only the form of art can express the concept but the materials can also. Overall, reflecting on the positive and negative aspects of my project will, I believe, really help me improve myself for my next project.

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