This is a interior design project. My purpose is to break the rumor that "cats can be infected with COVID-19", improve the tension between people and cats, and create a good environment for stray cats. Because of this rumor, many owners abandoned their pet cats and even cruelly threw them down from high buildings. This tragedy has increased the number of stray cats in China and made their situation more embarrassing. I hope that there is a place where these stray cats can be sheltered, not only to create a good living environment for them, but also to help break rumors and make people have peaceful contact with cats. 
I think it would be great if could use my design to improve a social problem, even though this is just a virtual project now.


Use collages to show the status quo of stray cats in China, with large numbers and poor living conditions. The two lying cats at the bottom of the picture were taken from news pictures. They were cats that were thrown from downstairs.


The upper part of this page is a collage I made to show the atmosphere and function of the shelter I expected to design. There are some references below, some of the cases I like.


Investigation of cat behavior and summary of most current animal shelter problems.

Sketchbook About Animal Shelter

Final Pan


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