Masks are not only protecting our health but also hiding our emotions.We seems so crowded but also distant. Now the state of alienation is magnified by the fact that we all wear masks in the whole world, but in fact this state has existed for a long time. Engels once described London society in the 19th : They hurried passed each other as if they had nothing to do with each other, and the more all these people gathered in a small place, the more this impersonal insularity became embarrassing and frightening.(Engels,1956). Even though two centuries have passed, the depiction of this atmosphere is still so relevant. Through this art work, I try to express the implied distant feeling among people reflected from mask wearing and explore the relationship between the sense of isolation and modern city. I think to a certain extent, humans are not suited to cities, because we are so fragile and sentimental, and we tend to feel lonely and out of place in such a steel jungle. At the same time, we have difficulty establishing effective connections with each other to alleviate this isolation. All of this is made even more obvious by wearing a mask.


photograph, 30 x 30cm

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