To certain extents, all things in life are under the existence of the COVID-19. From the sudden outbreak to the present, we are slowly preparing to coexist with it for a long time. Most of us had new feelings and experiences in this particular period, both mentally and physically. Masks as an essential prop in these paintings are not only a tool for us to protect ourselves in this epidemic but also bring me new feelings psychologically and physically. Physically, I have never had the experience of wearing a mask for such a long time before. In some cases, it is a tool to hide the complexion when someone does not wear makeup instead of its original purpose. At the same time, some incidents caused by wearing a mask or identity in the first half of the year made me feel a certain amount of anxiety and worry psychologically. The different attitudes and practices toward wearing masks in these incidents were a manifestation of cultural differences. These inspired me to record them. Therefore, the theme of the works is the expression of cultural differences in the act of wearing masks. Some people see it as a protective measure, while others see it as a restraint. The holistic use of black and white colors is to reflect the different results produced by different attitudes through the gradient effect of the background. One is continually dispersing viruses, while the other does the opposite. These two paintings were freehand. Compared to electronic graphics or other forms, I prefer this method. The feeling of rubbing paper and pen and the resulting sound made me enjoy the entire production process. At the same time, I also like some imperfections or surprises that can't be modified repeatedly. Sometimes they may surprise me. Generally speaking, this work briefly records what I have seen and felt during this specific period.



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