People hope that their ordinary routines that they took for granted will return to their lives. While researching this project, I focused on how people, including me, have spent their time over the last eight months. When the coronavirus pandemic first broke out, citizens worried about the disease but nobody expected that it would bother us for a long time. They were careful by themselves and did not participate in outdoor activities unless essential. I also spent most of my time at home and in my apartment complex. Although people could not spend time together in person, they tried to make contact with their families or friends over the Internet. I felt that connecting with people online resembles a spiderweb in that such webs consist of interesting lines and they are transparent. The publics are also trying to make lines among their relationships at least. Spiderwebs are stronger than people expect, even if they are thin. If you are caught in a spiderweb, you cannot remove it until you wash it off because they are very sticky. I thought that the current lifestyle is analogous to a rugged spiderweb. People cannot do anything because of the virus but people have found ways of coping with this situation. As spiders make webs to protect themselves, people are wearing facial masks to protect themselves from the virus. I wanted to depict the fact that people have never stopped living their lives, even if they have to wear a mask at all times. Thus, people will hold out and finally overcome this pandemic.

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