My work is an oil painting and the name is "Struggle". I spent a week at home to finish it.I took this name because I feel that in this epidemic, people all over the world, including myself, are fighting against Covid-19. During that period of isolation, I struggled with my negative emotions and rumors every day. Because of the epidemic, I was isolated at home for nearly 80 days, and the world outside the window went from winter to summer. This experience was very unforgettable for me, so I decided to draw my experiences. I choose oil painting as the art form because I haven’t tried this before. Oil painting and the epidemic are both new for me. Therefore I used oil paintings to depict this unforgettable experience and use my perspective to tell everyone the story about me. My hometown, Wuhan, is the birthplace of this epidemic, so most of my inspiration comes from my personal experiences and stories that happened around me. I watched many surrealist painting styles, because surrealist artists will draw disturbing and illogical scenes, creating strange creatures from everyday objects. I think this style is very suitable for my painting theme this time.


Strugglings during the COVID-19

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