I am a student now. Whilst studying in high school, I designed posters for the school and the local community. I also served as the president of Marvel's American Drama Club. Through organising several activities for the club, my leadership and organisation skills grew. My inspiration is that some countries have very weak awareness of coronavirus prevention, so their national control is poor. So I want to make a flyer to teach people how to prevent coronavirus correctly in an interesting way. I believe graphic design is a kind of art science that aims to express designers’ ideas through images, words and symbols. I find graphic design particularly interesting because it can involve a wide range of different materials, themes, techniques. I used some plants for the project this time because they are more environmentally friendly. But I prefer to use electronic devices to make projects. With the development of new media design, video design and other technologies, I will want to develop and keep up to date with my digital skills. I am interested in creating dynamic, moving digital graphic. I know it will be a challenge for me, but I have the confidence to tackle it head on. I like interacting and sharing idea with people, which is an important part of the creative process. I wish to become a successful and fulfilled designer.

plant mask



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