This is a strategy game. But it also needs the player's immediate control. It's a bit like a combination of Super Mary and board games. Players need to control the role to cross many obstacles to reach the finish line. This game is very unique, which is different from the general strategy game, and it is not operated directly by the direction keys. There is a "bar reader" under the chessboard, which can record four instructions and then read them repeatedly. I spent a lot of energy on the art of this game. I want to make the picture as beautiful and warm as possible. Here are some illustrations. Inspired by some real scenes, I drew these pictures in combination with the plot of our game. You can see that the protagonist has walked through various scenes, such as dreams, mountains, forests, lakes, cities and deserts. The situation in the real world is our source of inspiration, the connection between people, and we hope to reconnect this connection through a lonely trip. we also try to restore the original appearance between people. This is the core of the game, making people reconnect with each other.

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Chapter 1: Dreams

Chapter 2: Forests

Chapter 3: Cities

Chapter 4: Desert

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Illustration 2

Illustration 3

Illustration 4

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