In post-covid19 Sensitive Disorder, I combine raw meat products with viral cells. Using models of life to create concrete works, and to construct deeply personal emotional landscapes. The idea of exploring people's subconscious comes from the new normal life that the world brought to me after the outbreak of the virus. They inspire, fascinate and remind me of the constant fragility and beauty of human oversensitive emotions. To see the emotional ups and downs that we normally don't see, to examine the state of both stillness and motion is at the root of my work.I combined various aspects of CINEMA 4D and PHOTOSHOP to create models and textures for my work.My graphic design incorporates knowledge of all aspects of visual art. Aesthetics such as lighting and space, planes and dimensions are equally important in vision. My work is mainly based on technology, because I love how technology gives illusion to the unreal world. It is like an invisible emotion. For me,I hope to inspire others and encourage viewers to examine their own inner thoughts. And pushing the limits of form and dimensions to share vision.

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